September 19, 2021

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WVU researcher develops copper-infused mask for hospitality and tourism business

MORGANTOWN — Workers manning the frontlines of buyer company, irrespective of whether driving the resort front desk or the cafe counter, occur encounter-to-face with folks from all walks of existence for hours on conclusion.

With the delta variant on the rise, the lambda variant having maintain and an upswing in COVID-19 instances, the hospitality enterprise is viewing staffing challenges as persons weigh their personalized basic safety in opposition to their employment as the pandemic rages on.

Masking up is one particular protected precaution. But it is also an uncomfortable gesture, as some masks may perhaps inflict put on and tear on the face or not supply an adequate stage of protection for the employee, explained Ajay Aluri, founding director of the Hospitality Innovation and Technologies Lab at West Virginia University.

As a indigenous of India, where by copper is king and touted for its antimicrobial homes, Aluri thought, “Why not make a safer, extra comfy mask infused with copper when making use of for a extended period of time of time?” 

“Copper has a exclusive spot in the society and tradition of India,” reported Aluri, also associate professor of hospitality and tourism management in the Chambers University of Small business and Economics. “People don copper bracelets and use copper utensils for cooking. And there’s a notion, from the COVID standpoint, that copper is antimicrobial.”

From the Hit Lab was born Hygenmask, a 3-layered facemask that contains a copper-infused nano-coated fabric, a sustainable bamboo cloth and an ePTFE (a biomaterial) filter. Wearers also really don’t have to worry about “elf ears” since the masks lack ear loops. Elastic head loops go above the head and can be tightened for a tailored suit.

WVU Hit Lab is a system for each industry and academia to arrive alongside one another to address the difficulties of the hospitality and tourism business. Prior to Hygenmask, Aluri and his learners created Hygenkey, a copper contact resource with antiviral and antibacterial attributes, in response to the pandemic in 2020.

“The mask is ideally for people today who are always at the front desk or conversing to people six to eight hrs at a time, regardless of whether in dining establishments, resorts, airports, or any hospitality and tourism sector,” Aluri mentioned. “Some of these masks out there, if you put on them for a extended time, it can be actually rough on your skin. So we strived to make it far more hygienic and sustainable from a cloth standpoint.”

One particular of Aluri’s associates proposed a sustainable bamboo material, which features a clean come to feel but nonetheless suits limited about the facial area, he mentioned.

But you do not have to acquire his phrase for it. Aluri attained across campus to talk to scientists with the WVU School of Medicine’s Center for Inhalation Toxicology (iTOX) to examination the merchandise. Considering the fact that the onset of the pandemic, the Heart has been at the forefront of testing all kinds of masks from N95 alternate options to WVU gaiters to the Singer’s Mask to double masks.

The Heart found that Aluri’s mask blocked up to 93% of droplets getting respired.

“The Hygenmask presents fantastic security to its end users,” said Timothy R. Nurkiewicz, director of the Heart and E.J. Van Liere Endowed Professor and chair of the Section of Physiology and Pharmacology. “Combined with physical distancing, good HVAC, limiting time in a group and limiting the crowd dimensions, the mask should pay for the people some self confidence.”

Researchers conducted suit testing, which evaluates how very well a mask protects the individual carrying the mask. A rating of 100 is vital to pass a N95 mask. Gaiters and saggy disposable masks ordinarily rating a “one.”

Aluri’s mask ranged from six-to -15 on the analyze participants.

“Those quantities are significantly far better than what you would find with your average cloth masks, which generally will get a fit element of two,” said Karen Woodfork, a educating associate professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology who was part of the exploration crew. 

“People mail us all sorts of masks and most of them get types or twos,” Nurkiewicz said. “When we observed Ajay’s mask scoring in that selection, that tells you there’s a bit of defense there.”

Nurkiewicz’s lab did not exam the copper attributes of the mask.

Most likely there is no improved way to check a product than really employing it.

Aluri donned the mask in the course of a 14-hour flight to India.

“I’m only getting it down when I’m eating or drinking,” Aluri said. “I experienced no marks on my confront and Hygenmask was really at ease.”

Most of all, Nurkiewicz and his workforce imagine that Aluri’s mask accomplishes its function and will be of benefit to its concentrate on audience – those who serve the public working day-to-day.

“The mask sits absent from your mouth enough so you can articulate improved,” Nurkiewicz claimed. “Also, in phrases of regular respiration, you will labor much more with a mask that sits right on your lips. There’s some room there, creating it a lot more snug and building the wearer additional probably to continue to keep it on for a for a longer period time period of time.”