10 Best Masks for Glasses and Preventing Fogging


Before leaving the house, I always ensure that I have the essentials: wallet, keys, a pack of Camel Blue (don’t judge me), lighter, some semblance of dignity, my phone, sunglasses, my vaccination card, and a face mask. The latter two are new additions—and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. I fully understood the importance of carrying verification and wearing a mask, so including them on my checklist became second nature fairly quickly. But what really threw me for a loop was wearing my glasses with a mask. Again, I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

I started to believe I had a breathing problem, because I would see my lenses fog to the point of near blindness. With every exhale, I had to take my specs off and wipe them down. It was annoying, needless to say. And I could only imagine how folks who wear prescription glasses felt. So, I asked a pal how he coped with it. The problem, as I had come to find, wasn’t with my breathing (though, I am fully aware that I need to quit smoking), but with the kind of mask I was wearing: a standard, pleated, rectangular-shaped disposable mask that I bought at the drugstore. He, being much more studious than me, consulted the CDC guidelines and read that to prevent air from escaping at the top, thus causing fogging, the best masks for glasses need to frame the contours of your nose and sit below your eyes.

Yes, it’s as simple as that, folks. Masks that fit securely on your face, from the ridge of your nose to to your chin, will do the trick. For added assurance, consider options with a flexible seal that you can pinch in before wear. Also, look for a cone-style or KN95 mask, which are shaped to direct your breath forward instead of upward. Better yet, we’ve done the looking for you and compiled 11 masks that’ll keep your lenses fog-free. Let’s not forget that the Delta variant is on the rise, causing the CDC to reinstate regulations on wearing masks in all public settings, regardless of vaccination status. This is our reality now, and it’s more important than ever to remain vigilant and keep those masks on.

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Cotton Face Breathing Mask

Three layers make up this fan-favorite face mask by Uniqlo. The first is made of AIRism fabric, which wicks away moisture. Second is a built-in filter that is machine washable. And lastly is a mesh material that blocks UV rays. Crucial, of course, is the contoured shape—great for keeping hot air from reaching your glasses.

Classic Fitted Face Mask



It should come as no surprise that Hershel, a maker of compact, sturdy backpacks, also offers a mask with the same qualities. This lightweight option is designed to fit close to the features and features an adjustable nose bridge, which will help prevent air from leaking through.  

UA Sportsmask

Under Armour


Need to hit the gym where masks are mandatory? Under Armour has just the thing for you. The brand’s UA Sportsmask features a smooth, water-resistant outer shell; an antimicrobial inside layer; and a lining made of UA Iso-Chill fabric, which will stay cool throughout your workout. And in case you want to venture outdoors, the mask has built-in UPF 50+ sun protection. 

Contour Mask with Filter Pocket

To prevent foggy glasses, you need a mask that securely contours your face. Lo and behold, the Gap offers a set—made of fitted, triple-layer cotton—that has just that in its name. 

Surplus Collection Mask

Flint and Tinder


If something military-grade is what you’re after, look no further than Flint and Tinder. The brand’s fitted masks are made of Cordura fabric, the same material that Marines wear on the field.

KN95 Face Mask

Public Goods


The best option to repel airborne germs in a N95 respirator. But seeing how this option should be reserved for front-line workers, Public Goods is offering the KN95, a mask that comes pretty close to the real deal. It features a filter that keeps 95 percent of particles in the air away from your nose and a nose clip for a tight seal to your face.

M2 All-Day Anti-Microbial Face Mask (5-Pack)

Buck Mason


The built-nose crimp means you can further shape this already-contoured mask to fit your particular features. Do it right—and maybe perch your glasses on top of the mask itself, instead of above it on your skin—and you’ll be fog-free all day. 

KN95 Face Mask (25-Pack)

Like Public Goods, WWDOLL also offers KN95 masks, which are made of five layers and shaped into a cone, directing breath outward instead of upward. 

Double-Strap Face Mask (3-Pack)



Sweat-wicking and smooth to the skin, Lululemon’s face masks are made for all day-wear. And because it is built with four-way stretch fabric with added Lycra for shape retention, you can breathe easy and not have to worry about foggy glasses.

Koala Face Mask



Made of antimicrobial silver yarn and recycled polyester, Bilio’s masks are knit to fit securely. And for the added security, the coverings feature copper wire nose crimps that pushes moisture to the front. 

Dual Layer Face Cover

Honeywell Safety


The knit construction on the outer shell of Honeywell’s mask helps alleviate moisture. In addition, it features a leather-backed nose clip that directs breath away from your eyes. 

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